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AW, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dallas TX
“I’m doing a million times better since working with Orli. Considering that I couldn't hold a cup of coffee in either hand without my tendons somehow becoming frozen and causing a lot of pain to open my arm up to set the coffee cup down, I'm doing fantastic! I now hold my grandbabies without any issues. I can pick them up and put them down without even thinking about it. Honestly, it's those small things that mean so much!”
KB, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Corte Madera CA
“Orli Rabin is clearly in her lane of genius. She is deeply compassionate, patient, diligent, trustworthy, and responsive. Orli has helped me navigate a very complex health situation and guided me through various protocols that have significantly improved my health. When I was confused or overwhelmed she always validated my feelings and concerns and asked the right questions to help me find clarity. She is both decisive and confident but also humble and open minded. She always leads with curiosity and gets to the core of the issue fast. I would recommend Orli to anyone who is looking for a true partner and advocate in their health journey! Thank you, Orli — for everything you do”.
Mill Valley CA
“Since having kids, I have been dealing with joint and muscle pain. After multiple sessions of PT and after seeing an Orthopedic Dr with little improvement with my inflammation, someone recommended I look into my gut. After an initial consult and tests, I was put on a modified diet and supplements. Within a week of taking the supplements, my joint inflammation decreased by 80%. It feels amazing to not wake up in pain! Now that I am on an anti-inflammatory diet, I am waking up with more energy, less pain, and many fewer stomach problems. I feel fantastic! Orli is super helpful, understanding, and intuitive as a practitioner. I strongly recommend booking a session with her (and have told that to many friends!)”.
AK, Hypothyroidism
Piedmont CA
“I have had thyroid issues for the past decade which has resulted in fatigue and anxiety and lack of motivation. Orli’s loving and steady presence walked me through a diagnosis of gluten intolerance which had an enormous impact on my body including my thyroid. She was so knowledgeable and kind while also being firm direct and informative. Her diagnosis and protocols were tailored for me and hugely impacted my symptoms. I couldn’t recommend Orli enough. She is really and truly a lifesaver and spectacular human.”
LT, Hashimoto's
San Francisco CA
“When I first met Orli, anything and everything I ate caused me to feel terrible, even the healthiest foods. After conducting a gut and micronutrient panel, we found out that I had pretty severe intestinal permeability, which was creating food sensitivities to almost everything. Orli worked along side me for about 6 months, implementing the Five "R" Protocol. My symptoms slowly disappeared, one by one. Even things I didn't know were related to my gut health and micronutrient status are gone, like my terrible brain fog and embarrassing forgetfulness. Beyond grateful to have worked with Orli, who is patient, intuitive and a kind and supportive person in general.”
DS, undiagnosed GI Distress
Marin CA
“Despite having an active lifestyle with a healthy diet, I’ve long felt suboptimal. I sought out Orli to take a scientific look at my microbiome and micronutrients, and after a quick and painless collection of samples for lab analysis, she immediately homed in on a variety of imbalances and sensitivities that I never knew about. Orli put me on a path toward correcting all of these issues, and after only 3 weeks of a moderately altered diet and several supplements, I started feeling better than ever before: more energy, better sleep, clear skin, and no stomach issues.
MB, Undiagnosed
New York NY
“My only complaint is that I didn’t find Orli earlier. My life is no longer ruled by chronic pain and inflammation, I feel like myself again! On a personal level, she is one the most kind, smart, compassionate and calm practitioners I have worked with. I am so grateful for entrusting my health with Orli.”
DW, Hashimoto's
Mill Valley CA
“I worked with Orli for months through which she walked me through many emotional ups and downs, and what felt like a roller coaster of unpredictable symptoms. I’m so grateful to have Orli by my side as I continue to work on my health after years of putting others before myself. I finally understand the significance of slowing down and listening to my body without judgment, when it’s trying to communicate with me.”
RC, IBS + Histamine Intolerance
Los Angeles CA
“I had such a wonderful experience with Orli. She was incredibly thorough when reviewing my labs with me - most practitioners speak in generalities, but Orli knew I would benefit from the specifics - she took the time to explain specifics to me and then addressed all my concerns.”
RL, Chronic Fatigue + Brain Fog
Santa Ynez CA
“Impeccable reliability, attentive warmth, and an inventive contribution that is self-starting while welcoming feedback and inclusion of others was what I came to joyfully expect during my work with Orli. She is an exquisite human and her resolved integrity enriched my life enormously.”
JF, Fibromyalgia
San Francisco CA
“Orli is the most well-rounded dietitian I have ever had the pleasure of working with. During our encounters, she demonstrated excellent clinical and communication skills and was very dependable and professional. I’m living almost symptom free and it’s been only 6 weeks since our work begun. Highly recommend!”
SW, Grave’s Disease
San Francisco CA
“Symptom free after 4 years of suffering. Orli offers quick, practical and professional care to even the most helpless of situations. My job is to follow through with her recommendations, but she handled the rest! Thank you for changing my life.”
DO, Hashimoto’s + Rheumatoid Arthritis
San Francisco CA
I recently started working with Orli and I couldn't be more grateful for her help! As someone who has been struggling with autoimmune disease, I had been feeling drained and foggy for years. But since I started working with Orli, I can say that I've noticed significant improvements in my energy levels and mental clarity.Orli is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and its impact on autoimmune disease and gut health, and she is able to translate that knowledge into personalized and practical recommendations. I appreciated her focus on finding the root cause of my symptoms and not just treating the symptoms themselves.Orli is also incredibly supportive and understanding. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and provides encouragement and motivation along the way. I never felt like just another client with her – she truly cares about my progress and success.Overall, working with Orli has been an amazing experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. If you're looking for a registered dietitian who is knowledgeable, compassionate and truly cares about helping her clients reach their goals, Orli is the perfect choice!
EJ, Hypothyroidism
Dallas TX
"Orli is amazing! I’ve been struggling with my nutrition for years but more recently started having terrible symptoms that literally made me feel like I’m dying. I approached Orli because I was interested in completing a full thyroid panel after my endocrinologist declined to do so. Because of Orli, I discovered that my years of hypothyroidism is turning into Hashimoto’s. Orli has slowly nursed me back to health…teaching me to make one change at a time, towards a healthier lifestyle. Orli is very knowledgeable & patient. She cares about her patients needs, is quick to reply, & listens without judging. She has literally saved my life from chronic illness and I’m forever grateful to her for this. That woman is worth every penny…thanks again Orli, for all that you do!"